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RouterID needed for MVPN and OSPF?

  • 1.  RouterID needed for MVPN and OSPF?

    Posted 06-19-2022 15:19
    Can someone clarify for me the following
    I have a MVPN topology that i am maintaining. There is a new feed that i have to set up using I-PMSI. Not a problem I can just grab the configuration from a working deployment to adjust. As part of the design, there is a virtual-router instance configured for OSPF. The adjacency would not come up unless I added a loopback and made the interface part of the instance.
    1. On JunOS , is it required to have a loopback address to bring up an OSPF adjacency? It seems like it but i never had this issue before when setting up a peering between devices not using a virtual router instance. I believe the rules for selecting a routerID are highest loopback address OR highest physical IP address. 

    2. Is a loopback needed for MVPN configuration? Our current deployment has it but in my testing on my lab multicast works without a loopback configured.