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  • 1.  route appearing as hidden

    Posted 17 days ago


    I currently studdying for Junios certification JNCIS-SP, actually I'm doing lab to understand OSPF and BGP and route redistribution between them.

    Actually, I do not understand why router VMX6 in the next diagram si not adding in the routing table.  The next hop for this network is which is directly connected with VMX6 through GE-0/0/1.

    Here attached router configuration, diagram and routing table from VMX5 & 6.

    Any one may help me to understand why this route is not added to the routing table of VMX6 router.

    Thank you



    route vmx5.txt   4 KB 1 version
    VMX5.txt   2 KB 1 version
    vmx1.txt   1 KB 1 version
    vMX6.txt   1 KB 1 version
    route vmx6.txt   4 KB 1 version
    vmx2.txt   1 KB 1 version
    vmx7.txt   1 KB 1 version
    vmx3.txt   1 KB 1 version
    vmx4.txt   1 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: route appearing as hidden

    Posted 15 days ago

    Hi Xine, 

    Hidden routes are due to unresolvable next-hop or a reject in a policy.

    I'm unable to see a policy on vMX6 to actually allow the routes inbound, so this is why I think the route may be hidden. 

    Could you please apply:

    # set protocols bgp group gr-MX5 neighbor import pol-TOIMPORT

    See if this then allows the route to be seen in the routing-table?


    Ethan Jackson