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Restore DSL connection ofter interuption

  • 1.  Restore DSL connection ofter interuption

    Posted 02-12-2023 05:01

    Good day all,

    i guess it is a simple question but i can't figure it out.
    i have a VDSL connection connected to the mini-pim (1-Port VDSL2 Annex A Mini-Physical Interface Module (SRX-MP-1VDSL2-R))

    the interface part of the configuration (username and password are useless, so i leave it in the example)

    pt-1/0/0 {
        mtu 1500;
        vdsl-options {
            vdsl-profile auto;
        unit 0 {
            encapsulation ppp-over-ether;
            vlan-id 6;
    pp0 {
        unit 0 {
            ppp-options {
                pap {
                    local-name "fake@freedom.nl";
                    local-password "$9$oNJjH.P5F69mP"; ## SECRET-DATA
            pppoe-options {
                underlying-interface pt-1/0/0.0;
            family inet {

    Once in a while the connection drops.  (the xdsl network is really old and will be replaced with fiber next year.)

    however i always need to manualy intervent in rstoring the connection.

    there are different solutions. 

    • disconnect the telephone cable until the sync light goes off
    • restart the vdsl minipim
    •  request pppoe connect pp0.0 (found this one today. is way faster than the above ones)

    when the connection is down. the "show interface pp0.0 terse" shows my ip. so i expect it is the equivalent of ike's dead peer.

    i added "auto-reconnect 5" to the pppoe-options but since the juniper didn't lose its ip i guess it isn't aware the interface is down.