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  • 1.  Referencing attribute node for custom telemetry sensor

    Posted 02-07-2024 09:27

    Hello Everyone, 
    I would like to ask some help in referencing a value of an attribute node for a NETCONF Proxy Telemetry Sensor!

    I'm following the corresponding documentation , so I'm using it as example here too, because it includes exactly the same challange I'm facing with currently.  
    This example creates a yang module which creates a sensor using the output of  the show system users command to provide telemetry data. 

    My challenge is around this line of the command's XML output: 

    <up-time junos:seconds="17710200">204 days, 23:30</up-time>

    The aforementioned example is using the up-time XML tag to reference the uptime in the output: 

          leaf up-time { // YANG model leaf
            type string; // Type of value
            dr:source up-time; // Exact name of the XML tag

    Problem is the following: the streamed value via the sensor data is the "204 days, 23:30" in this case. But I would like to have streamed the value of the "junos:second" attribute node rather. 
    My assumption is the dr:source should be followed  by an Xpath expression point to this node, but I could not find a working one until now. 
    If anyone could help to reference this value in this context with an example, that would be awesome!
    I have tried varous XPath expressions, but without success until now.  
    Many thanks, 


  • 2.  RE: Referencing attribute node for custom telemetry sensor

    Posted 02-09-2024 19:42
    Edited by asharp 02-10-2024 16:18

    To reference an attribute in Xpath would be in this example:


    A great source of information about XML and Junos can be found here in the Day One books archive:

    Day One Books Archive

    Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy, it is an old book, I first read it many years ago, but was a great introduction back then when I was first learning SLAX.

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    Day One Books Archive
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    Andy Sharp