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  • 1.  Question on the JNCIE-ENT Study Bundle

    Posted 03-18-2024 07:36


    On Step 6 of page 665 of the JNCIE-ENT Self Study Bundle, we are asked to apply a BA IPv4 classifier to all L3 interfaces. In the implementation of that task, the Study Bundle applies that classifier to L2 trunk interfaces ge-0/0/3 and ge-0/0/4.

    Isn't it a mistake to to call trunk ports L3 ports? Is this terminology used in the lab exam as well?



  • 2.  RE: Question on the JNCIE-ENT Study Bundle

    Posted 03-20-2024 13:11


    Thank you for pointing this issue out. As a general rule we would prefer you open a Zendesk ticket for the course and we can use the ticket to track the issue. There are a few issues with this super lab. I noticed that there is an interface assignment table that is reused from previous section and does not align with the super lab. In addition, the CoS solution section does not align with the actual topology and interface configurations, as you pointed out. I would not consider the ge-0/0/2 and ge-0/0/3 interfaces as Layer 3 in any fashion. 

    These two interfaces (ge-0/0/3 and ge-0/0/4) should be assigned the same CoS settings that are being applied to the other Layer 2 interfaces, or the task should be more clear in it's description of the requirements. The current solution is a mistake as written. I have logged these issues to an Errata ticket for this course and we will ensure that the issue is addressed in the next update to the course.

    In regards to concerns about something similar in the exam, this would be a situation where you should ask the proctor to clarify the expectation of the task. The proctor should be able to answer your questions regarding this task or at least provide you some additional guidance.

    Josh Verhaal
    Certification and Courseware developer @ Juniper Networks