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  • 1.  Question on PyEZ

    Posted 01-13-2024 01:06


    Can PyEZ be used to automate non-Juniper devices that support netconf?



  • 2.  RE: Question on PyEZ
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    Posted 01-13-2024 08:13

    Unfortunately, PyEZ is specifically designed for automating Juniper devices running Junos OS and primarily interacts with devices through Junos APIs. While Junos devices also support NETCONF, PyEZ itself isn't directly equipped to handle other devices that only offer NETCONF as their automation interface.

    However, there are alternative options to consider for automating non-Juniper devices using NETCONF:

    1. NETCONF libraries for Python:

    • nclu: This is a well-maintained Python library specifically designed for interacting with devices via NETCONF. It provides a high-level abstraction over the NETCONF protocol, making it easier to perform configuration and operation tasks.
    • ncclient: Another popular option, ncclient is a library offering low-level NETCONF access with support for various features like filtering, notifications, and subscriptions. It requires more manual control compared to nclu but provides greater flexibility.

    2. Vendor-specific libraries:

    Many non-Juniper vendors offer their own Python libraries for automating their devices via NETCONF. These libraries typically provide pre-built functions and objects tailored to the vendor's specific NETCONF implementation, simplifying automation tasks.

    3. Generic libraries:

    Depending on the device's NETCONF capabilities, you might be able to use generic libraries like paramiko or requests to interact with it directly. This approach requires a deeper understanding of NETCONF and the specific device's NETCONF implementation, but offers the most fine-grained control.

    Ultimately, the best approach for automating non-Juniper devices with NETCONF depends on the specific vendor, device model, and desired level of control.

    Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful:

    I hope this information helps!


  • 3.  RE: Question on PyEZ

    Posted 01-13-2024 08:46

    Thanks Jacques!