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How to get the most from Juniper's education services and get advice on your certification journey.
  • 1.  question about certification exam

    Posted 09-29-2023 18:43


    I recently start a new position and I have now Junos equipment to manage.  My previous experience is based on other vendors of network component. 

    1- The first question I have is about the the format of the CLI command VS the configuration file.  For real life experience and for certification exam process should I be confortable with both format of the configuration of Junos equipment ? I mean the configuration file format is looking pretty different than the command I used to configure the network equipment using "set" command.

    2- My second question is about the first certification exam topic.  Is this exam contain switching topic like spanning-tree, mac table, etc ?  In the first set of videos I haven't seen much topic about switches...  it was more about the operating system and routing topic but very few about L2 topics....  Eventually, I will propably do more than the first level of certification, but I think I do should doing it step by step.  


    Christian Phoenix

  • 2.  RE: question about certification exam

    Posted 09-29-2023 20:21

    For the command and configuration the most important aspect is to understand there is a hierarchy and grouping for the commands.  This means the set commands can be longer or shorter depending on where you are at with the cursor in the configuration hierarchy.  Once you understand the group hierarchy the whole process  moving between full set commands and configuration layout is easier to see.

    For the certification process, the setup requires proceeding from Associate > Specialist > Professional > Expert in order and within the specific technology track.  The progression is required with Juniper certification and NOT optional.  The layout is in the table at the main certification page.  Then the topics covered at each level are listed on each specific exam page.  What you have will vary depending on the gear and focus of the exam path chosen.

    Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
    IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP - Retired)