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qfx10008 mc-lag peers intergration/migration with legacy ex8216s vstp question

  • 1.  qfx10008 mc-lag peers intergration/migration with legacy ex8216s vstp question

    Posted 03-22-2024 17:36

    Good day, 
    Yes,  my 1st post and ask.  The questions are Arch - Implementation approach oriented, hence some backgraound .
    I'm also wondering should I post this to Datacenter ? 

    I'm hoping to leverage the expertise I've seen.  I'm taking this tactic because JTAC is not answering my questions, labeling it testing and non production oriented.
    We've been a Juniper shop for > 12yrs,  from v10.x and onward with experience and deployment of many platforms in ex23xx, ex42xx, ex34xx, ex43xx, ex46xx, ex9214, ex9253,     qfx35xx, qfx510xx, qfx5120, qfx10008,   mx5, mx104,    srxx300 ..to srx5600 , etc , using virtual-chassis, vcf[now gone] and clustering.
    We 'e deployed a number of mc-lag peers , ex4600  and ex9214, at the distribution/spine layer [L2/L3] of small sites and Campus, and have a feel of most of the niggles, but who knows everthing  ;-)
    I know I dont. 

    Our legacy datacenter has 2x  ex8216s at the dist/spine layer in a traditional L2/L3 config; RSTP disabled, but VSTP used for approx 55 of 85 vlans.
    - Several TORs access switches are deployed with uplinks using RTG;  when cutover to the planned qfx10K , they would be reconfigured using only 1 aeX  to an mc-aeX on the qfx
    - Other TORs supports connect in an H pattern hosting VLANs configured with vstp , rooted to say ex8216[1]
    - We have a couple  EMC/VCE converged compute solutions hosting 95% of our VMware stack, which connect using cisco nx9K, and r-pvstp+ / vlan
    The EOL ex8216s have to go... we purchased, built,  2x qfx10008 and deployed them as  mc-lag peers.
    This is a Bown-field Implementation- cut-over, not Green field so it tricky. 

    My integration approach was to use 1 main mc-ae from the qfx10[s]  -> to the primary ex8216[1] and extend L2 vlans
    Test VSTP integration - rooting, etc. 

    It does not appear any vlan configured for VSTP on either end of the above mc-ae is converging,  or logging rec'vd BPDU.

    Neither "The  Juniper Multichassis Link Aggregation User Guide"  nor any "nce" paper really talk about or show mc-lag peers Also supporting VSTP.

    Given how the ICCP/ICP-PL  behave, am I going to need "another aeX -trunk between the 2x 10Ks  to support the vlans configured for VSTP to alow them to behave ?
    This is an operatonal DC, so I cant just re-configure our VCE Converged solutions even though they have A nd B nexus 9ks, etc 

    Options, thoughts, ? anything is appreciated, 
    Michael B