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  • 1.  QFX 5xxx interface queue size

    Posted 08-18-2022 06:02
    Edited by Jodi Meier 08-18-2022 11:33
    Dear community

    I'm currently playing with telemetry to find the root-cause of microburst. I have successfully set up Telegraf, influxdb and grafana.  I have 3 grafh that shows bandwidth rate, drop packet and buffer occupancy. But for the last one i didn't find in Juniper documentation and Junos CLI the max buffer size of each interface queue. So I don't know what is the maximum peak.

    I do have the Junos command "show interfaces queue xe-0/0/47 buffer-occupancy " but filed "Queue-depth bytes" s empty :

    BoSS@QF5120> show interfaces queue xe-0/0/47 buffer-occupancy 
    Physical interface: xe-0/0/47, Enabled, Physical link is Up
      Interface index: 663, SNMP ifIndex: 527
      Description: M1:DC2REP010:Xe-0/0/47:L3
    Forwarding classes: 12 supported, 5 in use
    Egress queues: 12 supported, 5 in use
                Queue: 0, Forwarding classes: best-effort
                    Queue-depth bytes  :
                    Peak               : 1787344
                Queue: 3, Forwarding classes: fcoe
                    Queue-depth bytes  :
                    Peak               : 0
                Queue: 4, Forwarding classes: no-loss
                    Queue-depth bytes  :
                    Peak               : 0
                Queue: 7, Forwarding classes: network-control
                    Queue-depth bytes  :
                    Peak               : 416
                Queue: 8, Forwarding classes: mcast
                    Queue-depth bytes  :
                    Peak               : 208

    Do you how or where can I retrieve this value ?

    Also is the "Peak" value in bytes ? Packets ?

    How can i change the Queue-depth value on QFX5xxx ?




  • 2.  RE: QFX 5xxx interface queue size

    Posted 08-19-2022 09:08
    Someone can help please ?


  • 3.  RE: QFX 5xxx interface queue size

    Posted 08-22-2022 03:51
    last try.... please


  • 4.  RE: QFX 5xxx interface queue size

    Posted 08-22-2022 09:54
    Edited by Daboss 08-22-2022 09:54
    please help.... last try.... (error duplicate)

    thank you


  • 5.  RE: QFX 5xxx interface queue size

    Posted 08-27-2022 09:06
    I am not a SME .. but hope this may be of some use to you.


    In this example, CIR and PIR are configured under the TCP so CIR will be used to calculate buffer-size (queue-depth).
    Note: When using XQ, buffer-size 1568 bytes is not enough to handle traffic when sending packets larger than 784 bytes (1568/2).
    On XQ, buffer-size should be configured to a value at least 2x MTU.

    Buffer-size in bytes = guaranteed-rate in bps * minimum burst size in ms * buffer size in percent/8000