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QFX-5120-48T Connection to Dell PowerStore 1000T @ 25G

  • 1.  QFX-5120-48T Connection to Dell PowerStore 1000T @ 25G

    Posted 01-03-2024 09:37

    I am struggling trying to get a link to a Dell PowerStore 1000T connecting at 25G.

    I have 3 pieces of equipment: Dell R650xs server, Dell PowerStore 1000T, and a Juniper QFX5120-48T. I also am using the Juniper 25G twinax cables that came with the QFX.

    If I directly connect the R650xs to the PowerStore using the Juniper twinax, the SAN links up fine at 25G and works perfectly.

    If I place the QFX5120 between the two,  the R650xs will link at 25G to the QFX but the QFX to 1000T will not link at 25G.

    I have simplified this down to configuring only two ports on the QFX, ports 1 & 2.  1 goes to the server, 2 goes to the 1000T.

    The programming in the QFX is 3 elements:

    1. Configure ports to Family Ethernet-Switching
    2. Configure ports to Interface-Mode Access
    3. FPC 1, PIC 1, Ports 0-3 set to 25G.

    Dell says its Juniper's fault.  I contend that the 1000T is needing certain elements in the 25G protocol to be happy but Dell cannot tell me what that may be.

    Currently, they are saying that the Juniper cables are not compatible.  That confuses me since a direct connection from the server to the SAN using the Juniper twinax works fine.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.