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  • 1.  prefix question

    Posted 05-25-2022 05:20
    longer than /26 prefix-length-range /27-/32    I understand this.


    0/0 prefix-length-range /8-/24    routes with a mask shorter than /8 and longer than /24
    I think it should say routes with a mask longer than /8 and shorter than /24, am I right ? This is from Juniper training manual. So I like to make sure I understand it.

    thanks !!


  • 2.  RE: prefix question

    Posted 05-28-2022 06:14
    confirmed it is not correctly worded.

  • 3.  RE: prefix question

    Posted 05-28-2022 07:21
    What is the exact course material this is printed in?

    We can notify the education team of the error and get it fixed.

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