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  • 1.  PIM Register Messages

    Posted 06-24-2022 17:59
    I'm preparing my JNCIP-SP certification and going deeper in Multicast topic I noticed that:
    - In PIM Sparse Mode network, the DR encapsulates the multicast packets into register messages and forward them to the RP using unicast. 
    Do we still use those register messages in PIM Bidirectional? As we are using unicast traffic and PIM Bidirectional approach if designed for large networks with

    large number of dispersed sourced and receivers I think we don't use register messages... 


  • 2.  RE: PIM Register Messages

    Posted 06-27-2022 15:41
    No - PIM-BiDir doesn't use the Register messages towards the RP.  As a matter of fact, with PIM BiDir, the RP concept becomes a vague/nebulous thing... RP doesn't even need to be a real device nor an actual IP interface... but rather, can be a subnet connected to a BiDir-capable router.  The RP concept becomes a general area in the network rather than a discrete device and function.
    "Unlike rendezvous points for PIM-SM, which must de-encapsulate PIM Register messages and perform other specific protocol actions, bidirectional PIM rendezvous points implement no specific functionality."

    Aaron Gould
    Senior Network Engineer