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Packets Punted and Packets dropped

  • 1.  Packets Punted and Packets dropped

    Posted 12-17-2023 19:02


    I'm new to Juniper switch and Junos OS.  I'm having some issues with my system which contains a EX4300-48-P.  I've been looking at commands I could use to determine if I'm having network issues.  One command I found was "show system statistics". Searching through the immense data for issues I found these two areas that looked concerning.


             2155643 connections closed (including 0 drops)
                     0 connections updated cached RTT on close
                     0 connections updated cached RTT variance on close
                     0 connections updated cached ssthresh on close
             2155632 embryonic connections dropped
             4398245 segments updated rtt(of 6553688 attempts)
             2 retransmit timeouts          
                     0 connections dropped by retransmit timeout
             3 persist timeouts             
                     0 connections dropped by persist timeout
             85111363 keepalive timeouts    
                     85111363 keepalive probes sent


             69999 Packets punted
             6361 Packets dropped due to no socket

    Can anyone help and tell me if these are any indication of concern and if so, suggests on how to investigate?