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Packets dropping across AWS VPN

  • 1.  Packets dropping across AWS VPN

    Posted 09-06-2023 14:00

    Hello there!

    I have an issue where I have a Juniper SRX 320, with stable internet access, and a VPN into an AWS stack.  Every so many seconds, the VPN link drops packets, causing their RDS instances to drop or pause. 

    This is a new Juniper configuration at this location, on a relatively (no prior config) new device.  I create the VPN in the AWS panel, and used the AWS wizard to create the Juniper configuration.  Then modified the config to match our verbiage and the VPN came right up.  The VPN doesn't seem to be failing during the lost packets, and the internet is not dropping near as we can tell.  

    I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the VPN connection itself to make sure that isn't part of the problem, but I'm not seeing any re-keying, or dropped notices.  

    Sean Garland
    Garland Tech, Inc.

    Sean Garland