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One way traffic over MPLS VPN

  • 1.  One way traffic over MPLS VPN

    Posted 02-28-2024 05:09

    Hi Guys,

    Hope all is well with you guys!

    I have an issue where a CPE connected to QFX5100 xe- interface not able to reach MGMT server on remote QFX5100. But the QFX Xe interface is reachable from MGMT server which is very weird. The routing from CPE is good pointing to QFX as next hop. All other traffic if fine.

    Verified MPLS VPN and looks good. The sniffer on CPE shows packets from MGMT server and CPE responds back. An ingress Firewall filter on QFX interface shows packets coming IN from CPE but not at remote QFX facing MGMT server. Does that mean the packets are getting lost somewhere in the path ? What could be the reason as all other traffic is just fine.

    (CPE)eth1-------Xe-1/1/1-(QFX5100 Routing instance VPNA) --------MPLS  --------------(QFX5100 Routing instance VPNA) ae.1----(MGMT Server)

                                        << << Ping from QFX with source xe-1/1/1 to MGMT server works but not from CPE eth1 interface >>>>
    Any clues let me know.