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  • 1.  One CPU Core is always 100%

    Posted 08-17-2021 14:24
    Anyone noticed that stats for one cpu core are always 100%. 

    The following shows a physical instance with tons of CPU power & memory but basically sitting idle. Also an aws instance with 2 cores and 10GB RAM which is literally doing nothing but both of them show one of the cores as 100%

    And that high core also keeps rotating.

    Is that normal?


  • 2.  RE: One CPU Core is always 100%

    Posted 08-18-2021 10:02
    Probably a core dedicated to DPDK  ,
    if someone else could confirm ?


    Sylvain Floury
    SDWan Architect

  • 3.  RE: One CPU Core is always 100%
    Best Answer

    Posted 10-26-2022 14:28

    Hello Abe,

    Yes, this is likely the DPDK pinned core and at the OS level this will show 100% utilization and within the "Packet Process CPU" in the UI you can see the actual CPU usage. Here is a good article for more information in regards how this DPDK pinned core works and how it is allocated as well.


    Adam Morris
    Sales Engineer
    (206) 617-4999