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  • 1.  NAT and NG-MVPN

    Posted 04-09-2024 11:46


    I am working on a NG-MVPN project for a customer of mine and they have a use case which I don't know if it can be done :

    It can happen that they have 2 flow providers using the same (C-S,C-G) parameters.

    When this happens, we would like to implement NAT feature so that (C-S,C-G) from provider 1 is translated to (C-S1,C-G) and (C-S,C-G) from provider 2 is translated to (C-S2,C-G), and the receivers would request either (C-S1,C-G) or (C-S2,C-G).

    I have done some researches and found some documentation about NAT for regular multicast (multicast within the global routing table) and about NAT for unicast L3 VPN  but nothing about NAT for NG-MVPN.

    I have a setup in my lab, see the attached diagram and the attached configuration of router MX104-1.

    This configuration works fine for unicast traffic :

    When I ping from Source 1 to Receiver 2, I can see packets going through the service interfaces,  the source is translated to and ping works.

    But it doesn't work for multicast :

    When I sent multicast traffic from Source 1 to group, I do not see the packets going through the service interfaces.

    I use VLC with TTL=10.

    I do not understand why multicast traffic is not redirected to the service interface.

    My questions:

    1- Can this use case be done at all ?

    2- If yes, is there any documentation about it ? Has anyone done this before ?

    3- Why the multicast traffic is not redirected to the service interface ? Is there something to see with the martians routes ?

    Also, any suggestion would be more than welcome.

    Than you.



    Schéma_NAT_MVPN.vsdx   28 KB 1 version
    Conf_MX104-1.txt   6 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: NAT and NG-MVPN

    Posted 04-23-2024 04:24

    Hello the Community,

    No one has had this use case to deal with ?