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  • 1.  MX960 Memory Issue

    Posted 11-01-2022 16:54

    Here is a summary of our MX960 memory problems:


    Last November we had routing issues with the MX960 because it was very low on memory.  To fix the immediate problem, we gave the 'set chassis memory-enhanced route' command, then rebooted each fpc card. 


    According to the Juniper documentation, the jtree memory on all MX Series Packet Forwarding Engines has 2 segments:  One segment primarily stores routing tables and related information, and the other mainly stores firewall-filter-related information.  The 'set chassis memory-enhanced route' command allows you to support larger routing tables over firewall filters.  Giving this command fixed the routing issues we had been having on the MX960.


    Within the last few months we have started seeing messages like the following for all our PFE's:


    Nov 1 16:45:00  BSTN_Juniper_MX960_1 smid: FPC Resource Monitor: FPC 5 PFE 1 FW / Filter

    Memory has crossed free memory watermark of 15


    It appears that we are now running low on firewall filter memory.  I guess the question is whether there's anything we can do about this short of upgrading to a newer router with more memory.

    We are running Junos 15.1F2.8