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MX204 flowspec route issue (RPD process reset)

  • 1.  MX204 flowspec route issue (RPD process reset)

    Posted 11 days ago

    Hi all,

    When we use exabgp to announce Flowspec route to MX204 via inetflow.0, the RPD will be reset randomly. It will happen sometimes, the FS route will be working normal after RDP reset.

    Exabgp announce route

    destination; community 65001:10000; redirect 65001:9991;

    RPD reset message (randomly)

    Mar 17 11:51:22  WAN01 rpd[24601]: JTASK_ASSERT: Assertion failed rpd[24601]: file "../../../../../../../../src/junos/usr.sbin/rpd/lib/krt/common/krt_flow.c", line 6910: "transient_rt && transient_com != old_rt_com && transient_ac != old_ac"
    Mar 17 11:51:23  WAN01 rpd[24601]: JTASK_ABORT: abort rpd[24601] version 20.4R2-S1.6 built by builder on 2021-06-22 21:59:57 UTC: Invalid argument

    Here is normal situtation:

    > show route receive-protocol bgp table inetflow.0 extensive 

    inetflow.0: 1 destinations, 5 routes (1 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden)
    Limit/Threshold: 10000/7500 destinations
    *,*/term:1 (5 entries, 1 announced)
         BMP: Pre: advertise Station: xxxxxx
         Flags: NoNexthop
         Localpref: 100
         AS path: I  (Originator)
         Cluster list:
         Originator ID:
         Communities: 65001:10000 redirect:65001:9991

    > show firewall filter __flowspec_default_inet__ 

    Filter: __flowspec_default_inet__                              
    Name                                                Bytes              Packets*                               7551919523             12893828

    Benjamin CL