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  • 1.  Multicast traffic on local router

    Posted 04-05-2012 17:10

    I have two laptops directly connected to an M router. One is acting as a multicast source and the other as receiver, using different subnets. Using VLC. Can't seem to get the receiver to join the group and stream. PIM is enable on both. I even try enabling IGMP as well. Any other special considerations I might have missed ? I know this works because I tried it on another router (different vendor)- but using vlan interface routing though.





  • 2.  RE: Multicast traffic on local router

    Posted 04-05-2012 17:56

    if you are using VLC as your multicast source to stream a movie / music / whatever, make sure you are raising the TTL.  by default, VLC uses a TTL of 1, which means it will not go past the local subnet.


    i know older versions of VLC even if you specified the TTL in the GUI would still not update the TTL for the 'command' that it generated on the backend, so you had to manually set it.  this seems to be fixed though in the latest versions for Mac and Windows.



  • 3.  RE: Multicast traffic on local router

    Posted 04-05-2012 18:38

    I did put the TTL to 5 but it seems like it needs to be much higher ?

  • 4.  RE: Multicast traffic on local router
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    Posted 04-05-2012 19:01

    VLC is v 1.1 ... I'll have to take a look closer at the TTL value as the GUI change might not have taken. That seems to be a bug apparently...