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  • 1.  MPLS transportation address VS Juniper V-LAB environment

    Posted 02-01-2024 16:44
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    I'm using Juniper VLAB to test my learning on Juniper stuff.  For now, I'm studding for the exam JNCIS-SP.  Currently learning  doing the Junos Fundamentals part of the class.  Since at the office we do not using RVSP, and to be faster more productive on the corporate network I decide to learn LDP before RSVP.

    During my labs session, I found my MPLS setup not working fine.  Using traceoption function I found that the the LDP packet was was contain the FXP0 IP address instead of the configured loop address as transportation address.  I finally statically configured  the transport address of each router to match the loop back address of each router.  After that my LDP session were establishing properly since the LO0 was advertised through ISIS but nort the FXP0 interface IP.

    As I understood, the LDP should used the loopback interface IP as transportation address, why I had to configured it statically in my case ?

    From proposed topology in the VLAB I'm using  the topology named "Segment Routing v6 [SRv6] Summarization".  I'm erasing all router configuration and paste the attach configuration on each of them.

    I'm including to this post a visio diagram in PDF format for easier understanding.

    Thank you for your help everyone.



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  • 2.  RE: MPLS transportation address VS Juniper V-LAB environment

    Posted 02-02-2024 08:45


    LDP Transport address is by default the RID. Unless the RID is not the same as the FXP0 should not be any reason for this behaviour. Anyway, manual config of LDP transport address is considered Best Practice. 

    Bandiu Alin-Filip-Gabriel