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MPLS topology best pratice

  • 1.  MPLS topology best pratice

    Posted 02-15-2024 22:28
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    I'm completely new to ServiceProvider field and start learning MPLS.

    Currently I'm doing lab using Juniper VLan topolgy name  "Segment Routing v6 [SRv6] Summarization"

    During my lab experimentation I played and lot with primary and secondary path option in RSVP.

    I would like to know the best to prevent PE12 in my topology using PE11 as transit router in any case if I set the primary path P1 as strict.

    In some case a path from PE12 to PE21 was,,,,
    Which make no sens de me to let the secondary circuit establishing the MPLS connection to the destination using the PE router of the same site as transit router.  I acheive my gold using admin-group but I don't think this will be the best way to acheive it.
    Can some can give me a clue ?
    Router configuration and network diagram attached to this post.
    Thank you 




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