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  • 1.  Mist APs not showing the right IP in the cloud.

    Posted 01-03-2024 16:26

    I have a new network I have been setting up. It did not have a device management network when I deployed Mist APs and manage the site through the cloud. When deploying I only had one network and the APs pulled an IP from DHCP in the LAN network. I set the Juniper ports up using native vlan LAN, trunk interface-mode, passing LAN, device management and other irrelevant vlans. I now have my device management DHCP scope set up and when changing my native-vlan to device management (vlan 10) The AP will pull an address from DHCP that I can verify by MAC in the DHCP and it responds to pings, but the cloud says it is disconnected and still on the LAN network.  


  • 2.  RE: Mist APs not showing the right IP in the cloud.

    Posted 03-25-2024 13:43

    Hi,  You've probably figured this out by now but wondering if the problem was that you didn't specify that the native vlan network should have access to the Mist cloud. 

    Matt Sherman