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  • 1.  Memory usages increase on QFX5100-24Q Virtual Chassis

    Posted 11-25-2023 05:33

    I have a pair of Juniper QFX5100-24Q in virtual chassis mode and i am using 18.4R2-S2.4 for both devices and i have a few SVI with 15x bgp session, one of my bgp session is receving 200k routes but i am rejecting them by import policy and i do not have them in my route tables. Juniper QFX5100-24Q master device is using %77 memory but Juniper qfx5100-24q which is in backup mode is using %90 memory, a few month ago it was %70 and it is increasing by %1 every 1-2weeks, also, when i checked memory usages by show task memory commands it shows memory usages is %5 here is the output

    Memory                 Size (kB)  Percentage  When
      Currently In Use:       110858          5%  now
      Maximum Ever Used:      191406          9%  23/10/23 09:18:36
      Available:             1992294        100%  now

    here is another information:

    run show system processes extensive
    last pid: 44690;  load averages:  0.29,  0.17,  0.16  up 88+20:37:42    06:05:55
    174 processes: 3 running, 150 sleeping, 21 waiting
    Mem: 903M Active, 259M Inact, 509M Wired, 104M Cache, 69M Buf, 73M Free
    Swap: 1106M Total, 1106M Free
       10 root         155   52     0K    12K RUN    1727.5 84.18% idle
     8228 root          41    0  1201M   582M select 293.1H 10.64% fxpc
     8229 root          40    0   100M 31256K select 903:52  0.15% chassisd
     8228 root         -52  -52  1201M   582M select 293.1H  0.00% fxpc
     8223 root          40    0 52976K 38344K select 740:49  0.00% mib2d
       11 root         -56 -159     0K    12K WAIT   469:01  0.00% swi2: netisr 0
     8222 root           4    0   352M   251M kqread 449:10  0.00% rpd
     8222 root           4    0   352M   251M kqread 449:10  0.00% rpd

    i am worried if it reaches %100 on backup chassis and i face issue, as a note memory utilization is increasing just for backup devices and master device is same since many month ago. Can somebody help me on this?

  • 2.  RE: Memory usages increase on QFX5100-24Q Virtual Chassis

    Posted 11-25-2023 08:18

    The symptoms seem like a classic memory leak scenario which would indicate a software bug requiring an upgrade.  Searching the Juniper bug site I see a large number of memory leak bugs but cannot easily see which would apply here.  The public search site does not include all bugs and all detail.


    If you search memory on the site you will see the public list to review.   If you also cannot be sure which applies to your system, I would suggest opening a Juniper support case to identify the bug at play here so you can upgrade to an appropriate Junos version to be clear of this and any other issues affecting your current configuration and this memory leak.

    Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
    IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP - Retired)

  • 3.  RE: Memory usages increase on QFX5100-24Q Virtual Chassis

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous
    Posted 12-05-2023 08:53
    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

    We have seen similar a few years back when running 14.1X53-D30, with backup RE memory usage slowly escalating while primary RE is ok. Try "show system memory" to get a better idea about how much free memory you have left on the different members. You will hit problems when both "free memory" and "cache memory" are both down to less than 2%. 

    At the time we discovered this JTAC advised that this was a bug related to multicast handling. A temporary fix was to reboot the backup RE as that cleared up the memory use for a while. We needed a software upgrade to properly fix it. 

    You're running a very old Junos version on that device. Juniper's current recommendation is the latest service release of 21.4R3. We're running 20.4R3 which has been fine for us although we're not using BGP on these so your mileage may vary.