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  • 1.  MC-LAG between two VCFs

    Posted 08-16-2017 09:35

    Hi all.

    Can the two non-mixed VCFs (Virtual Chassis Fabric) form MC-LAG please?  Meaning each VCF will be MC-LAG peer.

    The search in documentation (VCF feature guide / VCF best practises) and forums didn't gave me the clear answer.


    The customer wants each server room to be one manageable entity. I would prefer to create one bigger VCF spanning through both server roooms though.

    The each server room will have VCF made from 2xQFX5100-24Q as spines and 5x QFX5100-48S/ QFX5100-48T as leaves.

    Thank you.

    Ludek Matousek


  • 2.  RE: MC-LAG between two VCFs
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-16-2017 09:40

    I am fairly certain the answer is no.  A node/switch can be configured as either MC-LAG or VCF/VC, not both at the same time.


    Now you could connect the 2 x VCF to another pair of switches which are configured to be a MC-LAG pair.


    I am not sure of the complete requirements, but making this into a single larger VCF would appear to be a good idea.

  • 3.  RE: MC-LAG between two VCFs

    Posted 08-16-2017 10:25

    MC-LAG is not supported on a standard VC (we found out the hard way with a pair of 24Q's) so I assume not on VCF as well.

  • 4.  RE: MC-LAG between two VCFs

    Posted 11-05-2017 03:04

    Thanks. You are correct.

  • 5.  RE: MC-LAG between two VCFs

    Posted 08-16-2017 13:40

    Thank you both rccpgm and smicker.

    I had feeling that this configuration is likely not supported. Accepted as solved.