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  • 1.  M20 Architecture - Internet Processor II

    Posted 06-04-2022 10:20
    Edited by spuluka 06-04-2022 14:49
    Hello, this is not going to be a usual question :) but I'm looking to buy an old system and switch board (SBB-M20) for educational purposes to show a purpose built ASIC. Looking at pictures online like this one, I only see the Altera Flex chips which are FPGA.. can someone with more knowledge point me where the ASIC is?  the datasheet here (Page 3 under Media-specific ASICs) make me think that they didn't really have ASICs but FPGA's? I thought there are differences between and ASIC and FPGA but that's not the case? Also, wouldn't these FPGAs be Juniper's and not Altera?  


  • 2.  RE: M20 Architecture - Internet Processor II

    Posted 06-06-2022 06:07
    Hi Jorge,

    We had ASICs on those platforms called A,B,C,D. On every one of our boards, we also have a number of FPGA for some programmable control functions. The FPGA you are seeing is one of those FPGA. The ASICs are under the heatsinks (the black rectangular or square boxes you see with fins on them). The heatsinks are necessary to cool down the ASICs since the ASICs tend to get hot due to high integration (a lot of functionalities in them).


    Debashis Basu

  • 3.  RE: M20 Architecture - Internet Processor II

    Posted 06-06-2022 06:12
    Adding cross link to the photo posted in the library section.

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