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Looking for a guide or examples for setting up DHCP Relay in 128T routers

  • 1.  Looking for a guide or examples for setting up DHCP Relay in 128T routers

    Posted 01-25-2019 10:34
    Good morning,
    I've been setting up a Guest LAN to use for Guest WiFi. I have it setup at our HQ and it's working well. So far I've added a Network Interface(Guest-LAN) to the device interface connected to the LAN and assigned it to VLAN 7. I have VMs running DNS and DHCP servers also assigned to VLAN 7. These are all on a separate subnet( from our Corporate LAN. Finally I have a wireless network assigned to our access points with a new SSID that puts wireless clients on VLAN 7. All of this is configured and working at our HQ location, now I would like to start testing it out at our satellite locations. I'll be able to do the same VLAN 7 configuration for the Network interfaces and wireless network at those locations, but I would like to use DHCP Relay so that I can assign IPs to guests on other guest network subnets, from the DHCP server at the HQ location, rather than configuring a DHCP server for each Guest LAN subnet.

    I've seen some release notes mentioning 128T adding DHCP Relay functionality, but I have not seen any guides or configurations using it. I'd appreciate it if anyone would be able to share what their DHCP Relay configs look like.

    Austin Stoffel
    Systems Administrator
    BARD Materials