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  • 1.  LACP issues (in flow mode / Layer 3)

    Posted 12-15-2022 04:49

    I have been trying to configure an aggregated interface with LACP enabled. I have followed the Juniper guidance in doing so. It is all very straightforward really. Both SRX340 devices are running the recommended JTAC version of JUNOS i.e. 21.2R3-S3.5 . Both devices are in flow mode running most security services etc.

    When using the monitor traffic facility no LACP packets are even observed being sent from either device, let alone received. 

    Has anyone seen this before?

  • 2.  RE: LACP issues (in flow mode / Layer 3)

    Posted 12-16-2022 08:08
    Kinda hard to diagnose without looking at a config snip..