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L2vpn/VPLS tranport vlan mapping explanation

  • 1.  L2vpn/VPLS tranport vlan mapping explanation

    Posted 11-25-2023 11:57
    Got a standard VPLS config for bundled inteface:
    ge-0/0/2 {
        encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services;
        unit 11 {
            encapsulation vlan-vpls;
            vlan-id-list 600-601;
    And routing instance for this VPLS:
    instance-type vpls;
    protocols {
        vpls {
            site S1 {
                interface ge-0/0/2.11;
                site-identifier 1;}
    interface ge-0/0/2.11;
    vrf-target target:100:600;
    I try to capture packets but there is no field matchin vlan number in side packet. JunOS simply removes vlan header.
    All works good but can someone explain or drop me a link to documentation how Juniper know which vlan belong to packet and how to fing this mapping?