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  • 1.  JUNOS VRRP query. (MX80)

    Posted 11-13-2011 15:08

    Hi all,


    Note: Boxes are MX80


    In JUNOS how can we scale the number of units on physical interfaces and whole box above 255 VRRP groups?


    Or is there a way we can use the same VRRP group number on all units on a physical interface and the whole box as long as one uses different VLAN and whereas the layer 2 switches connected supports MAC-Address tables for each individual VLAN.


    Or what do you advise to only reuse VRRP id-s on different physical interfaces?.


    Will highly appreciate if someone can give me a small example configuration with gigether interfaces and best practise.


    Thank you,




  • 2.  RE: JUNOS VRRP query. (MX80)
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-13-2011 23:14

    Acording to RFC there are 255 groups per Broadcast domain ie Vlan. 

    In your case you can have the same VRRP group as long as they are in different Vlans. MX80 is not limited to 255 groups...

  • 3.  RE: JUNOS VRRP query. (MX80)

    Posted 08-01-2015 16:50

    We can use same vrrp-group id in differen interfaces. and it will work.