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  • 1.  Jumpstart JSI: Operational Health

    Posted 06-11-2024 10:26

    One of the biggest challenges I hear from IT and network operations teams is having the right level of visibility into the operational health of the network. It is commonly found that over 70% of the technical and operations teams spent time troubleshooting tickets, raising issues, and trying to put down fires. 

    Juniper Support Insights (JSI)  provides an aggregated view of device health and alarms. It simplifies access to configuration data, and its holistic view of configuration commits can help avoid human error.

    JSI dashboards, reports, and features include:

    Operational Dashboard

    • Dashboard: Summary data & metrics; hardware, software & network health. Current, historical data collection & comparative views

    Device Health & Alarm

    • Device History Timeline: Show individual device consolidated details CPU, memory, Alarm, Core dumps, Commit History & EOL data.
    • Alarm Details: Show current & historic alarm details for collected devices.
    • Commit History: History of configuration changes (commits) from collected devices.
    • Core dump: List current and past core dump files from collection devices.
    • Routing Engine Health: History of CPU/memory/temperature samplings from collected devices

    Remote Connectivity Support

    • RSI, Log & Core File: Automated collection of Request Support Information (RSI), Log & Core Files by JTAC as part of technical support case, with customer approval & controls.
    • Ad Hoc Commands: automated secure remote collection of JTAC curated commands with customer approval & controls

    Routing Reports

    • IS-IS, OSPF, BGP, RSVP: Information about routing protocol state (IS-IS adjacencies, OSPF neighbors, BGP peers, RSVP neighbors)

    Get started onboarding your connected devices to JSI. All current Juniper Care customers are automatically entitled to this optional AI-driven support. 

    @Devin, @Ahmed Khalil, and me are here to help guide you! Reply with any questions or feedback on JSI. Our team wants to hear from you, so please let us know if you plan to implement JSI or need assistance.

    Join one of our upcoming “Jumpstart JSI Ask the Experts” meetups to learn more about JSI and how you can connect your devices. Select the session that best suits your schedule: 

    Additional Links: 

    Juniper Support Insights demo
    At-A-Glance: Juniper Support Insights (PDF)
    Juniper Support Insights Data Sheet

    This is the 3nd post of 8 in the Jumpstart JSI series that will dive deeper into the actionable insights you get from JSI and how you can connect your devices. 



  • 2.  RE: Jumpstart JSI: Operational Health

    Posted 06-13-2024 02:33


    Are there any JSI sessions scheduled in other timezones? 

    Can this tool be used by Juniper Partners to support all their customers in a single centralized portal?


  • 3.  RE: Jumpstart JSI: Operational Health

    Posted 30 days ago

    Hello! Thanks for your patience.

    1).  This is our first JSI webinar. We will accommodate additional time zones in future webinars. We will record these webinars and share the recordings after the sessions.

    2). Partners can access individual customer's JSI data and dashboards if the customer authorizes and enables access for them. Partners can create organizations for different customers from a single portal to see the data organized by customer. Enhancements at a partner level to access a JSI summary of the users are projected to be available at the end of 2024.   

    Jackie Mullen