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  • 1.  JNCIE-ENT LAB interface

    Posted 04-23-2024 23:04

    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering if some one from Juniper can shed  some light on JNCIE-ENT exam interface.  How do we access the lab? Do we have a jump box with Secure CRT? or it is simply a web interface we see in Juniper VLAB ? Do we have a note pad available?  Do we get sample demo before to familiarize with exam's interface ?

    Thanks !!

    Be kind!!

  • 2.  RE: JNCIE-ENT LAB interface

    Posted 04-24-2024 01:34


    If u familiar with vLab then u will know it. U need to purchase Jncie Bundle Lab JNCIE-ENT so u can know how look like in real exam.


  • 3.  RE: JNCIE-ENT LAB interface
    Best Answer

    Posted 30 days ago


    Have you signed up for your exam yet?

    When you register for an exam, you will be provided with instructions for preparing for the exam. There are a few requirements that you need to ensure you are prepared for. <-look for the "Remote Lab Exam Policies" section.

    There is some additional great information here:

    As part of preparing for your exam you will be provided with information and programs you will need to install and validate. There will be instructions for validating your access and setup including access to a Demo environment which is basically the same setup and environment that the actual exam is delivered in. 

    For the exam, we do have a windows based device that acts similar to a jump-box, where you will access your devices using SecureCRT (with mapped saved sessions). You also have access to Notepad and Notepad++ applications for local notes and configuration manipulation. The desktop also has a folder with all the technical documentation available (offline) for the exam you are taking (Junos version specific).

    The Demo environment also has these tools available as well as a demo vSRX device to validate access. 

    All of this information is emailed to you after you register for your exam. I hope this helps.

    Josh Verhaal
    Certification and Courseware developer @ Juniper Networks