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ISSU upgrade fail "Member not in single node vc : Invalid"

  • 1.  ISSU upgrade fail "Member not in single node vc : Invalid"

    Posted 01-13-2023 02:36
    I did test for use ISSU upgrade in QFX5120-48Y-8C as 2 members of virtual chassis. I was expecting it runs well but something wrong is occured.
    root@SW1> request system software in-service-upgrade /var/tmp/jinstall-host-qfx-5e-flex-x86-64-21.2R3.8-secure-signed.tgz                  
    Jan 13 13:40:04
    [Jan 13 13:40:04]:ISSU: Validating Image
     PFE Status                            : Online
     Member Id zero                        : Valid
     VC not in mixed or fabric mode        : Valid
     Member not in single node vc          : Invalid
     BFD minimum-interval check done       : Valid
     GRES enabled                          : Valid
     NSR enabled                           : Valid
     drop-all-tcp not configured           : Valid
     Ready for ISSU                        : Valid
    error: System not ready for ISSU.
    error: aborting ISSU
    [Jan 13 13:40:05]:ISSU: IDLE

    What could be meant by on invalid one? Here is my setup of virtual chassis.
    root@SW1> show virtual-chassis 
    Jan 13 13:40:24
    Preprovisioned Virtual Chassis
    Virtual Chassis ID: 994b.0083.fb13
    Virtual Chassis Mode: Enabled
                                                    Mstr           Mixed Route Neighbor List
    Member ID  Status   Serial No    Model          prio  Role      Mode  Mode ID  Interface
    0 (FPC 0)  Prsnt    xxxxxxxxxxxx qfx5120-48y-8c 129   Master*      N  VC   1  vcp-255/0/48
    1 (FPC 1)  Prsnt    xxxxxxxxxxxx qfx5120-48y-8c 129   Backup       N  VC   0  vcp-255/0/48​

    Both Junos version are running in 19.1R3-S2.3 flex.