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  • 1.  irb virtual interface not binding to l3-interface inet address

    Posted 08-04-2022 18:48
    Folks, I am having a routine issue with some newer Juniper EX-2300 switches I have running version 18+

    I find when I assign the virtual irb interface for the management VLAN, VLAN 10, and give it an inet address it keeps responding with the error when I attempt to locally ping that interface:

    PING ( 56 data bytes
    ping: sendto: Can't assign requested address

    Though the irb.10 interface is both bound to VLAN 10, as well as the IP bound to the irb interface:

    vlans {
    default {
    vlan-id 1;
    l3-interface irb.0;
    gc-netmgmt {
    vlan-id 10;
    l3-interface irb.10;

    Though the irb interface config LOOKS proper:

    irb {
    unit 0 {
    family inet {
    dhcp {
    vendor-id Juniper-ex2300-48p-JW3621171066;
    unit 10 {
    family inet {

    Can anyone help where I am missing the boat. I have LOADS of Cisco experience, and have some Juniper in my dark, distant past, and now I am immersed in Juniper. What am I doing wrong?


  • 2.  RE: irb virtual interface not binding to l3-interface inet address

    Posted 08-05-2022 10:03
    Nyath...I suspect that you're getting this error is b/c you have no access or trunk ports that are configured or active for this VLAN, thus the IRB won't come up.  If you do a show vlans (operational command), do you have any interfaces for VLAN 10?  If so, is there an asterisk at the end of the interface(s) listed??  You can also verify if the IRB.10 is up by doing a show interfaces irb terse (operational mode).