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  • 1.  ipv6-tunneling question

    Posted 11-13-2022 12:43
    I have a route which runs neither ldp nor rsvp.  But I need inet.3 and inet6.3 to resolve label traffic.

    I copied inet.0  to inet.3 via rib-group.

    After I enabled ipv6-tunneling  "set protocols mpls ipv6-tunneling",  no inet6.3.

    Any ideas ?

    I just did more test to notice that only either LDP or RSVP routes could be moved to inet6.3. The routes inet.3 via rib-import are not LDP and RSVP.

    Anyway to create inet6.3 with IPv4-mapped ipv6 addresses except static route ?

    thanks a lot !!!!

  • 2.  RE: ipv6-tunneling question

    Posted 11-13-2022 17:07
    I figured it out.

    thanks !!