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  • 1.  In band and out of band management access

    Posted 03-12-2024 09:20

    Is it possible to have both SVI in band and out of band management working simultaneously?  Is so how?  Is it possible for one to fall back to the other?

    For small site that does not have dedicated out of band management port to plug into, is the proper way to do this is to plug the management port to the switch itself and configure those port to be on the management vlan?

    Currently my EX4100-48MP have IP configured statically on SVI interface and oob management configured using DHCP.  Both shows IPs in MIST.  When I unplug my uplink, I lose access to the switch in MIST.

    Jimmy Chen

  • 2.  RE: In band and out of band management access

    Posted 17 days ago

    Normally I'd use the management interface for OOB if there is an actual management switch to connect to. If not, I use in-band management. The problem you're facing may be due to the routing table not being suited for losing the uplink interface. You could possibly use the "qualified next hop" feature if configured correctly, but do investigate what the problem actually is first!

  • 3.  RE: In band and out of band management access

    Posted 15 days ago

    Yes, you can do in-band and out-of-band on EX switches simultaneously.

    What interface is the SVI applied to for in-band? I've seen people use loopback, fxp0.0. In-band can also be the management interface 'me0' and I think Mist uses vlan 1 .

    Check out this KB article that dives into it pretty simply and eloquently for using the me0 interface and CLI.

    [EX] Configuring management IP address (juniper.net)

    I've not seen people use DHCP as OOB. That doesn't make sense to me, but I am curious if others have done that. 

    How I've seen it in the past is out-of-band uses the console port connection and is connected to a terminal switch which has its own network (subnet). 

    Simplest form using my definition: In-band connects to mgmt port/SVI and the switch will not be accessible if there is an IP issue or broadcast storm, etc.

    Out-of-band connects to the console port and allows you to fix problems during the boot sequence and gain access when the switch is powered on, but unresponsive to SSH/Telnet.


  • 4.  RE: In band and out of band management access

    Posted 15 days ago

    Philip, I think our terminology is a bit different from each other's. Here is how I define it:

    In-band: Management via a VLAN carried among all other VLANs and terminated on an IRB interface (or routed interface, like interface ge-0/0/0 family inet).

    Out of band (OOB): Management via the built-in management interface, me0, em0, vme or fxp depending on platform, normally via separate management switches.

    Console access: Well, console access... You can do this via a mobile data connection or some other connection.

    I see some vendors include console access in OOB, but I prefer to separate the two. Perhaps Network-based OOB would be a good distinction, abbreviated with NOOB? ;)

    In-band can also be via a "production" VLAN where the switch (or whatever) has an IP address, but I advise against that wherever you can have a separate VLAN for management.