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  • 1.  IDP 75 reporting 100% CPU?

    Posted 07-29-2009 15:19

    hi all,


    our IDP 75 is reporting from both NSM and Solarwinds that it is at 100% CPU.   Our internet pipe is nowhere near the threshold of the IDP 75 capabilities, and our network is very small (10-20 users).


    It was running the default recommended policy for a little while, and now i've just pushed a monitoring policy on it for some rules (really just using it for testing right now).


    Our IDP is on 5.0 -- is this common or anything to be worried about?  The process status tab shows everything at or near 0%, with Profiler currently using 0.22% CPU Usage (at 6:20pm EST, when only 3 people are here right now)


    Anyone have any thoughts or insights?





  • 2.  RE: IDP 75 reporting 100% CPU?
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-29-2009 19:42

    Hello Will,


    I came across a similar post on this.  Try "scio idp-cpu-utilization" and check the thread below.



    I hope this helps.



  • 3.  RE: IDP 75 reporting 100% CPU?

    Posted 07-29-2009 20:01

    ahh thanks for that link


    I think I have actually read that thread a while back . . . someone slap me for being lazy!


    Thanks again!