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How YOU are making a Global Impact

  • 1.  How YOU are making a Global Impact

    Posted 04-15-2021 16:40

    Recently, we hosted a survey and asked some current Juniper customers how their companies are using Juniper's network to help make an impact on the world. While we received many responses, we would like to share with you these three testimonials from Innovators Circle Members.

    "2021 has brought an unprecedented surge in requirements for many of us to embark on remote learning and work-from-home capability. My ISP company was prepared for this challenge and thus impacted our world by providing high performance service provider networks for residential/business broadband, enterprise wholesale carrier/metro ethernet and cellular backhaul. The SP I work for prides themselves on being agile, personal with our customers, and competitive. My company benefits from Juniper Networks' products because, the very foundation of our network is based on Juniper's high-performance equipment.  Juniper Networks makes us look good because of its scalability, reliability and simplicity."- @aaron.gould

    "We manufacture and distribute wood products and building materials that are used to build houses, apartments, and other structures. Wood products capture and store carbon making them a great green building solution. Juniper is a partner that helps us secure our business systems and keep our operations running smoothly. We appreciate the stability and value that Juniper's products provide to our network infrastructure and our business."- @mdhtbm

    "I work for Bell Canada which is the largest, and oldest, Telecom in Canada.  We provide many services, all of which I believe impact the world in one way or another but I personally support our FIBE TV service and feel it impacts all of us and the world quite profoundly.  Bell is the largest provider of Television Service in Canada and we exclusively use Juniper equipment to collect and distribute our video content.  We chose Juniper for this task many years ago based on three key points:  1) Pricing 2) Reliability 3) Quality of service and support.  In all three areas Juniper has consistently delivered.  Over the years we have demanded this level of commitment from Juniper and time and time again they have delivered.  Be it fixing a bug in a new release of JUNOS to providing a unique feature to Bell that doesn't yet exist, Juniper has always responded quick and efficiently to our needs.  Juniper didn't just provide the hardware they also provided key insight into how our network should be designed and rolled out providing us knowledge we might not have had on our own.  Juniper has been a big part of our success over the years as it relates to our FIBE TV Service and I look forward to continuing our good relationship into the future." - @gturney

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. Make sure to leave a comment and tell us how you currently use Juniper Networks whether it's to make a global impact or an impact on your community. We would love to hear about it!


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