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How to configure PBR on JunOS from ScreenOS?

  • 1.  How to configure PBR on JunOS from ScreenOS?

    Posted 06-15-2024 20:18
    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to migrate the PBR's section from ScreenOS to JunOS but I have several errors.
    ScreenOS code: 
    set match-group name TRAFIC-INTE-TELME
    set match-group TRAFIC-INTE-TELME ext-acl 3 match-entry 10
    set action-group name TO-TELME
    set action-group TO-TELME next-interface ethernet0/x next-hop 190.uuu.uuu.uuu action-entry 11
    set pbr policy name myNAME
    set pbr policy myNAME match-group TRAFIC-INTE-TELME action-group TO-TELME 253
    Please, can someone help me?
    Thanks in advance.
    BTW: My JunOS version 21.4R3.

    John Joe