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hash seeding, load-balance, forwarding-options

  • 1.  hash seeding, load-balance, forwarding-options

    Posted 10-31-2022 00:53
    I need to set some hash seeding on my local srx300 router.

    I am already using ecmp but now i want to use local,,,

    set forwarding-options load-balance per-prefix hash-seed number

    i get this error and i dont understand the nature. It says....

    " Could not retrieve the two-level-multi-next-hop setting "

    in examples i read it may have to do with my static routes or
    my default route. 

    my default route is...

    my default route is...
    routing-options {
        static {
            route {
                bfd-liveness-detection {
                    minimum-interval 120000;
                    holddown-interval 30000;

    i have no other static or other routes except
    the default route you see.

    im on an internal zone only, not internet
    but the internet is present on the network.

    its an srx300....
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