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FlexAlgo, Coloring and SR-MPLS

  • 1.  FlexAlgo, Coloring and SR-MPLS

    Posted 02-27-2024 11:56

    Hi Guys,

    I allow myself to post a questiob because since 2 days I'm stucked in configuring FlexAlgo and coloring.

    I would like to "color" an EVPN vrf or if you prefer to use a specific FAD (based on delay) for the EVPN-VL301 vrf (type evpn so), but I don't see any routing table created related to the FAD129.

    If I well understood Juniper documentation, as soon as I use coloring a table called colorinet.0 should be created and used by BGP in parallalrto inet.3, in my case I don't see such table.

    Could you give me any tips to why i'm facing this issue please? Did I forget to add some configuration?

    All routers in the network are using FAD129 and configured with IS-IS.

    In attacment, you will find 3 configuration files, 1 file for a P devices and 2 files for PE devices.

    The file called FAD129.txt contains "show" command output.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    SP3-P1-27022024_1137.txt   10 KB 1 version
    SP3-PE2-27022024_1137.txt   16 KB 1 version
    FAD129.txt   9 KB 1 version
    SP3-PE1-27022024_1137.txt   7 KB 1 version