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  • 1.  First time Setup

    Posted 06-25-2020 02:51

    Hi. I have a QFX 5110-48S switch. I started it to check the serial number for generating the license, but I had to go to a meeting, therefore I had to switch it off. I didn't setup the root password. Now I am not able to start it. It runs FreeBSD and requires the login and password. I don't know how to run the initial setup process. Can you help me?


  • 2.  RE: First time Setup

    Posted 06-25-2020 02:58



    you should be able to login using only the username root , without entering password if it is default factory setting 


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  • 3.  RE: First time Setup

    Posted 06-25-2020 02:58



    the default login user after booting it the first time is "root" without a password, then you see the shell console. To get into the CLI, you have to type "cli". Please check if this works for you.

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    Posted 06-25-2020 03:28

    login incorrect for root with empty password and with password "root"

  • 5.  RE: First time Setup

    Posted 06-25-2020 03:35

    Hi g_rahmatov,


    You can try performing a root password recovery. Please refer for details below:



    For EX/QFX, the below KB should help:



    Hope this helps 🙂


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    Posted 06-26-2020 12:00

    If the issue persists after using 'root' and no password follow the documentation for password recovery and you'll be fine.




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    Posted 06-25-2020 04:44

    Hello g_rahmatov,


    you can follow the below process to get in the device:


    >power off the device manually.

    >power on the device and device will start to boot up. You can recover the root password during the boot-up by following the below KB:

    [EX/QFX] Password recovery procedure



    If you need any help with the above recovery process, you can open a JTAC ticket.


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    Lingabasappa H


  • 8.  RE: First time Setup

    Posted 06-26-2020 00:15

    Hi g_rahmatov


    Good day!!


    Please have look on complete procedure.


    To connect and configure the switch from the console:
    1. Connect the console port to a laptop or PC by using the provided RJ-45 cable and
    RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter. The console (CON) port is located on the
    management panel of the switch.
    2. Log in as root. There is no password. If the software booted before you connected
    to the console port, you might need to press the Enter key for the prompt to appear.
    login: root
    3. Start the CLI.
    root@% cli
    4. Enter configuration mode.
    root> configure
    5. Add a password to the root administration user account.
    root@# set system root-authentication plain-text-password
    New password: password
    Retype new password: password
    6. (Optional) Configure the name of the switch. If the name includes spaces, enclose
    the name in quotation marks (“ ”).
    root@# set system host-name host-name
    7. Configure the default gateway.
    root@# set routing-options static route default next-hop
    8. Configure the IP address and prefix length for the switch management interface.
    root@# set interfaces em0 unit 0 family inet address
    NOTE: The management ports, em0 (C0) and em1 (C1), are located on the FRU end of
    the QFX5110-48S.
    9. (Optional) Configure the static routes to remote prefixes with access to the
    management port.
    root@# set routing-options static route remote-prefix next-hop
    destination-ip retain no-readvertise
    10. Enable Telnet service.
    root@# set system services telnet
    11. Enable SSH service.
    root@# set system services SSH
    12. Commit the configuration to activate it on the switch.
    root@# commit





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