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  • 1.  Filter-Based Forwarding

    Posted 05-17-2023 14:28


    I understand there are several ways to skin this cat, but I would like to try and use filter based forwarding to solve this. So here is my setup:

    Two Cisco 3850s (Core 1 and Core 2) port channeled together. Two subnets live on the both switches and use HSRP. There is one connection from the Cisco core to the Juniper 4100 (21.2R3). The 4100 has two external connections ( Starlink and another ISP). Both ISPs are on their own zone and the Core interface is in it's own zone.  I am using two /30s to connect the Ciscos to the Juniper. I also have a nat pool set up for each subnet/ISP.

    What I'm trying to accomplish, traffic from one subnet to go out Starlink interface/zone and traffic from the other subnet to go out the other ISP interface/zone using filter based forwarding. 

    So my question is, is this approach posable? And if so what does that config look like. Or is FBF the wrong way to go about making this happen.



  • 2.  RE: Filter-Based Forwarding

    Posted 06-04-2023 02:58


    Yes its possible. 

    You may refer the below KB:



    Brijil R