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  • 1.  Factory reset Ex2200-C via hardware only?

    Posted 08-11-2018 01:25

    Is it possible to perform a factory reset of an EX2200-C without using the CLI or web interface? Perhaps via the mode button on the front?

    I do not have (1) a console serial cable (yet), or (2) know how to use the mini USB method (which I suspect is disabled by default anyway), or (3) know how to access the web management interface (via ge-0/0/0 or me port as I don't know the IP address, etc).

    Any help most appreciated.

  • 2.  RE: Factory reset Ex2200-C via hardware only?
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-11-2018 03:41

    For the ex2200 there is no button reset so you will need that console cable.


    If you do know the login but not the ip address your can try using nmap to ping sweep all the private ranges when connected to the ethernet port to see what responds and try to log in that way.