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EVPN MPLS Single Active - IRB gratuitous arp

  • 1.  EVPN MPLS Single Active - IRB gratuitous arp

    Posted 05-29-2022 11:00

    In an EVPN single active scenario when the DF switches over due to failure of PE-CE LAG interface, the IRB interfaces on the new DF do not seem to be sending gratuitous arp.  Problem I am facing is the host connecting to SWCH-01 is sending traffic upstream towards MX480. On DF switchover the SWCH-01 still sends the traffic from the host towards west instead of east as the MAC table on SWCH-01 is still pointing west towards MX480-01 (old DF). This traffic is dropped between EX4300-01 and SWCH-01.

    What mechanism (in EVPN) could I possibly use to avoid this traffic black holing due to incorrect MAC entry on SWCH-01? I thought if I could get the MX480 to send gratuitous arp then gateway (MX480-02) MAC will be re-programmed on Access Switch (SWCH). But this seems to be not possible as IRB stays UP at all times in the Non-DF.

    Thanks and Regards

    Karthik Meivelu