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EVPN-BGP-VXLAN What is the purpose of gateway community ?

  • 1.  EVPN-BGP-VXLAN What is the purpose of gateway community ?

    Posted 04-21-2023 23:23

    Hi everyone,
    I am curious about the purpose of gateway community in  EVPN  BGP VXLAN when announcing gateway MAC IP
    I have a sample config on vQFX VTEP ( L2/L3 gateway):
    root@S1# show protocols evpn | display set
    set protocols evpn encapsulation vxlan
    set protocols evpn extended-vni-list all
    set protocols evpn default-gateway no-gateway-community

    root@S1# show interfaces irb.700 | display set
    set interfaces irb unit 700 family inet address

    As expected , when I  look at the capture, there is no gateway community announced for Typ2 MAC/IP route for gateway irb.700

    I modified the config to announce gateway MAC/IP type 2 route along with gateway community:

    root@S1# set protocols evpn default-gateway advertise

    Indeed MAC/IP Type 2 route for irb.700 is announced  along with gateway community  but it carries no valuable info , so what is the point  of announcing gateway community then?