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  • 1.  Etherchannel for SRX HA

    Posted 06-27-2022 06:01
    Edited by Michael Pappas 07-27-2022 09:43

    We are looking for support to achieve the below.

    We have two srx1500 working as HA (active/passive), which are connected directly to two srx5400 working as HA (active/passive). We are trying to connect srx1500 with srx5400 in mesh topology manner (which mean srx1500 node0 connect to srx5400 node0 and node1 as well, and srx1500 node1 connect to srx5400 node0 and node1 as well) through etherchannel. Our aim for achieving this topology is to failover in case of one link goes down still the other link function properly without affecting HA functionality. We are trying to achieve failover only not load balancing.
    Note: all interfaces are in layer3 and vlans are used.  We are attaching high level diagram to make it more clear.

    Thanks in advance.

    concept trying to achive