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ERSPAN stops sending traffic on QFX-5120

  • 1.  ERSPAN stops sending traffic on QFX-5120

    Posted 10-27-2023 06:44

    Dear folks,

    I have an ERSPAN on the QFX-5120 switch and it works as expected.

    But whenever the receiver VM is migrated to the new host it stops sending traffic however ping and other things work fine except ERSPAN.
    The ERSPAN status is up.

    I've checked the Mac table and also the ARP table both were updated after the migration but no GRE-encapsulated ERSPAN traffic appeared on the VM but when I cleared the arp entry and sent ping to the VM it started working again.

    Could you please let me know if you have/face the same issue?

    I'm using JUNOS 18.4R2-S5.4.