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  • 1.  download for vQFX 20.2 is actually 19.4

    Posted 12-22-2021 05:51
    the link above says this is version 20.2 the filename is 20.2 when downloaded 

    when installed it comes up as version 19.4

    Hostname: vqfx-re
    Model: vqfx-10000
    Junos: 19.4R1.10 limited

    Does any know how to get Juniper to look at this as the products are obviously  not supported.

    I'm running into some odd behaviour with my EVPN lab so would like to use the latest version to rule this out.


    Simon Bingham

  • 2.  RE: download for vQFX 20.2 is actually 19.4

    Posted 12-23-2021 05:33
    I suppose the best way to go about that is to open a case with JTAC, though your mileage may vary. My efforts to get a file fixed for vQFX last year resulted in a ticket that took >3 months, several teams and escalations at JTAC side and eventually a team that technically wasnt even responsible for it taking ownership and getting me the answer that I needed.

    Maybe someone has a better alternative path for these kinds of questions though, but in most cases I'd say opening a case with JTAC is often the best way for assistance.

  • 3.  RE: download for vQFX 20.2 is actually 19.4

    Posted 12-23-2021 08:47

    Thanks Mark .

    All access pass !!! I am jealous.  What version of QFX are you using  ?  Because I cannot get 20.2 eventhough this is available for free download. As this is for my education and study purposes I suspect I will zero traction with a support ticket . And as well as that I cannot  enter a serial number that has support. 


    Simon Bingham

  • 4.  RE: download for vQFX 20.2 is actually 19.4

    Posted 12-23-2021 09:45

    Hi Simon, I'm currently just using 19.4 as that's what we're running in our network, so that has the most feature parity for the things I'm looking to test. I haven't really looked at the newer versions yet, so no idea for those I'm afraid :)

    As for JTAC, hmm yeah fair point, I'm not sure if entering the "serial" of a eval vQFX would be able to open a best-effort level ticket, but I can see how that'd be problematic. I'm actually not quite sure how best to approach that from a non-Juniper customer perspective... I suppose you could try going through the chat support, but I have zero experience with this and whether they'd be able to help you there.

  • 5.  RE: download for vQFX 20.2 is actually 19.4

    Posted 12-24-2021 06:22
    Hi @simon.bingham,
    if you download vQFX image from "Application Package" section instead of "Application Media", you'll get 20.2R1 release. IHTH​

    Ridha Hamidi