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Determine partition I'm booted on.

  • 1.  Determine partition I'm booted on.

    Posted 07-31-2023 20:11

    How can I detemine which partition I'm booted on. On older switches, I could easily find this information by typing "show system storage partitions" and it would show me the active and backup partitions. I would also include which partition I was booted on. Now, I can't seem to find this on a newer ELS switch.

    username@virtual-chassis> show system storage partitions 
    Boot Media: internal (da0)
    Active Partition: da0s1a
    Backup Partition: da0s2a
    Currently booted from: active (da0s1a)

    Partitions information:
      Partition  Size   Mountpoint
      s1a        340M   /         
      s2a        347M   altroot   
      s3d        702M   /var/tmp  
      s3e        239M   /var      
      s4d        116M   /config